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November 2017


The Post kicked off its very busy holiday season with our fabulous Halloween costume party on October 27.  If you missed it, plan for next year, because its one of the biggest events the Post has and always a sell out crowd. There were some wild and crazy costumes.

November swings into the ever popular Sock Hop on Friday November 3.  Don’t forget to bring new socks for the troops overseas and Veteran patients at the VA. The following night, Saturday, November 4 is our fun Casino Night which has been a great event for the members.  Try your luck spinning the Roulette wheel or playing poker or Black Jack.  Raffle prizes will be awarded.  Appetizers and drinks served all evening by our wait staff.

The Post will have its Veterans Day ceremony and Rifle Volley in the Main Hall Saturday, November 11, the Eleventh month, Eleventh day, Eleventh hour. It will be followed by a BBQ Buffet for $6 and a band under the Big Top. Thanksgiving Buffet and Christmas festivities and Boat Parade are right around the corner.  Check the website for details.  Always make reservations for these events at the Office since it is the holiday season and huge party groups attend.

December General Meeting:  Has been moved to Tuesday, December 12 to accommodate the first night of the Boat Parade Wednesday night, December 13.  This is a one time only change.  It will be back to our regular scheduled 2nd Wednesday of every month in January.

Maintenance around the Post.  In the last several months, the kitchen had a new commercial Convection Oven installed to better serve the meals to Post members and outside events, and its cooler and Ice maker compressors have been replaced.  Main Hall Bathrooms received upgrades such as paint and lighting with miscellaneous repairs underway, along with refreshing the paint throughout the Post.  Additional awnings will be installed over the Big Top area, along with new View Room and Fireside Room awnings.  Last but not least, the parking lot will have paving striping and asphalt repairs.

As many of you know the Post with the help of Dennis/Ulises and the excellent kitchen staff host near 150 outside events in our Post annually.  The events primarily take place in the main hall, fireside room, view room and adjacent patios, and on occasion the Big Top area is used as well.  These events are private events which are held for weddings, birthdays, graduations, memorial services and celebrations of life.  I ask the Legion membership to recognize these are private events.  When the events are in setup or in progress I ask the Post family members show upmost courtesy to the event and the event guests.  Looky- loos, wandering through the hall, and others "just wanting to see what's happening" should be avoided.  I ask that everyone, Legion family and guests, when visiting the Post, show courtesy to those who are hosting or attending any event.

The Post has grown and is still growing membership. I am pleased to report today with membership at over 7,700 many members bring friends and family for drinks, lunch, dinner dancing and music on the weekends.  It is our mission to provide Post guests with the best service and atmosphere possible. Recently situations created in the bar area by several of the "Bar Regulars" have resulted in reports to me regarding impropriate comments. I trust the majority of Post membership understands and agree behavior this nature can not and will not be tolerated.

Post 291 Membership continues to grow, as Commander I am pleased to report in the first 3 months of our Membership year, July/August/September Post 291 brought aboard 289 new legionaries. Significant in the Growth of Post 291 is the younger veterans that have elected to join our Post.  Of the 289 new members 40% are post-9/11 veterans! Some of these younger veterans are those whom will in be running the Post in years to come, welcome them and their families!  Of 16 Post 291 board members it is interesting to note that 4 are post-9/11 veterans, two are on the E-board, and 2 are Vice commanders.  Sandy Sheenberger 3rd Vice and Anne Borren 2nd vice. Sandy as 3 Vice is responsible for Boys State, Oratorical and the other youth activities, Anne schedules the bands and outside entertainment plus in charge of events. We are fortunate to have Sandy and Anne in key board positions, I anticipate in future years other new young members will follow their fine example of service to the Post veterans and family. At present our renewal 2018 member rate is at just under 65%, if you have not yet renewed for 2018 please see the front office, cash or checks accepted.

Remember our mission statement of “Veterans First”. If you love your freedom, “Thank a Vet”. Our commitment to all veterans, our members, veterans’ programs or veterans-in-need alike, will reflect in all we do as we strive to honor all who served. The Post is not a “Club”, but an American Legion Post for Military Veterans who share common experiences. The Security staff is made up of SONs who are SONs of the Post. Please show respect to the Post, Volunteer Security staff, all veterans and guests.


Remember: “Veterans First”.  Attitude is the Altitude of Success at the American Legion Post 291.  Let’s all work together to make that happen.